Paul Bunton Wins Two AIACC Awards

In the last 15 years, Paul Bunton and his team at BCA Architect have won awards from the American Institute of Architecture twice. The AIA is a professional architecture association that Paul Bunton has been an active participant in for many years. The AIA presents annual awards based on the design and construction of buildings across the United States.

The innovative design and construction of San Mateo High School earned Paul Bunton and his team at BCA Architects the 2004 Award of Merit from AIA. The new building at San Mateo High School replaced an unsafe and undersized space with three new buildings. The buildings were created in the original style of a 1927 Tudor, but with a modern twist. Toward the back of the building, the Tudor details give way to a more modern design. The new 140,000 square feet of educational space is designed to encourage learning and includes many new technology features. Paul Bunton is an expert at combining new technology with a non-traditional classroom setting to encourage active student participation.

In 2010, Paul Bunton earned an Award of Excellence for his design of Christopher High School in Gilroy, California. Paul Bunton completed this two-phase project under budget by actively seeking out an additional $15 million dollars in grants and partnerships. This new advanced learning center now is home to over 900 students who are receiving a quality education thanks in part to Paul Bunton. This building also takes the rich farming traditions of the community into account in its design.

Each of these new and award winning high schools were designed by Paul Bunton, and show the future of education while paying homage to the history of the area. Paul Bunton is an award winning architect who knows how to combine modern education and technology with historical touches, to creative innovative learning centers.


Going Green with Paul Bunton

Paul Bunton is an expert at creating eco-friendly and sustainable buildings. His headquarters building in San Jose, California is a perfect example of his commitment to building sustainable and eco-friendly structures. Paul Bunton is committed to developing structures that are innovative and beautiful, but that are also built using existing materials whenever possible. Paul Bunton offers his clients many different options when creating a sustainable and eco-friendly building. Among these are using existing structures and cutting energy costs by installing solar or wind power technologies.

The BCA Architects headquarters building in San Jose is a perfect example of Paul Bunton’s commitment to reusing existing structures and materials. When designing BCA Architects’ headquarters, Paul Bunton wanted to create an energy efficient and sustainable design that used much of the existing structure. Paul Bunton was able to incorporate 84 percent of the existing building into the new structure, while using many of the timber trusses and skylights that were in the original building. For his efforts Paul Bunton was awarded the 2011 Green Project of the Year Award.

When installing solar or wind power technology, Paul Bunton is careful to research any local regulations and help the client to navigate the many state and federal funding programs and grants that are available. Using the sun or wind to power a home or business will greatly reduce your dependence on electricity, and thereby reduce the cost of maintaining the facility. Paul Bunton is committed to taking care of our environment by creating structures that are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Paul Bunton and his team at BCA Architects continue to show their commitment to the environment by reusing and repurposing old buildings and materials while utilizing solar and wind technology to cut energy costs. The commitment to creating eco-friendly structures is evident in the schools and community living projects that Paul Bunton and his team at BCA Architects are known for designing throughout California.

How Paul Bunton Lives up to His Mission Statement

Paul Bunton’s mission statement is a commitment to “Partnering with clients to achieve excellence in design.” As a leader in the education and community based architectural development field, Paul Bunton has made a commitment to working with the local school boards, planning committees, city planners and residents when beginning to design a new structure.

When building a new school, Paul Bunton is careful to seek input from the local school board, administrators, parents and students before he designs a building. Knowing what the community needs, what the budget is, and what the building code requirements are assists Paul Bunton in creating his innovative designs. Paul Bunton has been known to assist schools in finding additional funding through grants or community partnerships, in order to complete their projects. In designing his 21st century classroom, Paul Bunton sought the advice of educational professionals, parents and students. Using all of this knowledge, he has come up with a new classroom design. His new design uses modern technology, and a modern alternative to the traditional “desks in a row” classroom layout.

When building a new community center, Paul Bunton knows that it is important to have the input and support of the local community. Without this support, the project may not gain the support of the local city council and planning department. Paul Bunton understands how crucial it is to get the community involved and excited about the new project and design.

Paul Bunton has made a commitment to work closely with his clients. This includes the local students and residents who will be using his facilities. Dedicated to creating connections within communities, Paul Bunton seeks the involvement of the whole community to make his projects successful. Paul Bunton’s mission statement, “Partnering with client’s to achieve excellence in design,” is not just something that he says – it is the way that he conducts business.

Community Living Projects with Paul Bunton and BCA Architects

In addition to creating spaces where churches and medical staff can attend to patrons and patients, Paul Bunton has also created many other community based architectural developments. Paul Bunton is responsible for the creative and practical designs of the Kids Korner Daycare Center and the Shasta Lake Gymnasium. These designs were created specifically to blend in with their surrounding areas, and to give the children and residents a creative place to spend their time.

The Kids Korner Daycare Center is a bright, open space for children in Mountain View, California. This 10,500 square-foot space, designed by Paul Bunton, has a large interior courtyard area for the children to play, far from the noise of traffic. The daycare facility has separate areas for infant care and for its conference room. When designing this facility, Paul Bunton made careful use of the one-acre site. He was able to include an area for a staff workroom and kitchenette. The entrance to the center is where the administrative offices have been located. Paul Bunton designed this facility with the practicality of a school in mind, as well as the safety measures that are needed when caring for young children.

The Shasta Lake Gymnasium is located in the Town of Shasta Lake. This Paul Bunton design was created to be used as a supplemental recreation facility for the local middle school. This 25,000 square-foot facility has several classrooms and a music department that is used by the middle school. Providing adequate space for children to learn is an important part of Paul Bunton’s designs. With tons of natural lighting, this facility is open to the local residents as well as the middle school students. Paul Bunton’s design includes both a full gymnasium and a snack bar.

Paul Bunton is an Experienced Architecture Professional

Paul Bunton is an experienced architectural professional in the San Jose, California area. With over 25 years of experience, Paul Bunton is a leader in the development and implementation of innovative and eco-friendly schools and community living projects. Paul Bunton, and his team at BCA Architects, strive to create practical and inspirational buildings that will encourage learning and a higher quality of life for the community.

Paul Bunton has been responsible for the design and development of over 60 public schools in California. He also works with universities and private schools. Paul Bunton’s design ideas for schools combine advanced technology, including LED touch screen TVs and interactive white boards, with non-traditional classroom settings. This combination of technology and communication encourages student to participate more in the classroom.

Paul Bunton also designs many community living communities. He has been responsible for the design and construction of Hospice in Napa Valley and the Alder Villas Townhouses.  The Alder Villas Townhouses won the Residential Design Award of the Year in 2004. This community, created by Paul Bunton, is a 27-unit luxury townhouse community located in Fremont, California. This community is made up of two and three story townhouses, surrounding a park. Designing buildings and communities that combine practicality and beauty is what Paul Bunton is known for in the industry. Creating a sustainable community that also includes inspirational touches, like the park in the center of Alder Villa Townhouses, is how Paul Bunton has become a leader in the industry.

Paul Bunton has over 25 years of experience in designing schools and community living spaces. During this time, Paul Bunton has become the leader in the education and community based architectural development field. When it comes to combining technology, sustainability and beauty, Paul Bunton and his team at BCA Architects are the leaders in the industry.