Paul Bunton on Succeeding in the Architecture Industry

Paul Bunton has been a leader in the industry of architecture for the past 25 years. The founder and president of BCA Architects, Paul Bunton has focused on building in the education and community sectors. As a highly successful architect, Paul Bunton knows what it takes to succeed in the architecture industry. With these tips from Paul Bunton, you too can begin your successful architecture career.

Use New Technology

One area in which Paul Bunton has succeeded is using new technology in his architectural designs. Paul Bunton and BCA Architects recently revealed their 21st century classroom, a model classroom that utilizes advanced technology such as an interactive projector and white board and an LED touch screen TV. By using new technology, your architectural designs are ready for the future.

Go Green

Another aspect of architecture that Paul Bunton has focused on is going green. Paul Bunton and BCA Architects recently received an award for the Green Project of the Year from San Jose Business Journal. Creating green designs is another way to bring your architectural business into the future and ensure your continued success.

Excel in Design

Last but not least, Paul Bunton states that to succeed in the world of architecture, you must of course excel in design. Paul Bunton has won many awards for his designs, which have given him a reputation for excellence and allowed his career to continue expanding. By excelling in design and receiving awards, you too can succeed in the architecture industry and consistently attract new clients.


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