Why Paul Bunton Believes Technology is the Future of Education

Owner of BCA Architects, Paul Bunton has spent the past 25 years working with educational institutions. Paul Bunton has built more than 60 public school systems in California, bringing updated classrooms with new technology to students. In fact, Paul Bunton recently revealed BCA Architects’ 21st century classroom, a classroom that incorporates advanced technology to help students learn better and succeed. Paul Bunton believes that technology is the future of education because it levels the playing field amongst students and drives them toward success.

Meeting the Needs of All Students

The first reason why Paul Bunton believes that technology is key to the future of education is because it helps schools meet the needs of all students. Paul Bunton knows that for many students, learning is more difficult due to special needs or learning disabilities. With technology in the classroom, students are able to compete on a more level playing field and have constant access to the assistance that they need.

Improving Learning Skills

In addition, Paul Bunton stresses that advanced technology helps improve learning skills. With technology, students are better able to develop problem-solving and communication skills. This enables young students to prepare themselves for not only college but also their future in the workforce.

Making Schools More Efficient

Finally, Paul Bunton asserts that advanced technology makes schools run better. With the technology that Paul Bunton implements, schools are able to better see how their students are achieving and find solutions that work to help them improve and succeed in all areas.


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