Paul Bunton, an Eye Toward the Future

Paul Bunton is an education and community based architectural professional who is always looking toward the future. When designing his buildings, Paul Bunton always looks to incorporate sustainable materials wherever he can. Understanding the needs of the community and the environment is a balancing act that Paul Bunton has become very skilled at in his 25 years in the architecture industry.

Paul Bunton is an expert at anticipating the future needs of his clients and building those needs into his designs. When he designs a school, he makes sure that there is room for more students as the surrounding community grows. Adaptability is one of the design features that Paul Bunton builds into his structures. Paul Bunton is forward thinking when it comes to creating schools. In acknowledgment of how quickly technology is moving, Paul Bunton’s new schools are prewired for the latest in electronics, including internet connectivity. Providing students with an educational system that they can relate to will keep them interested in school.

When designing structures for the community, Paul Bunton is always thinking about the future needs of the community. Paul Bunton enjoys the partnership between his firm and his clients. He needs to get as much information as possible about the organization or community before he begins his design. With populations growing so quickly, it is important to design with an eye toward the future, and not for just the immediate needs of the community.

Paul Bunton is a forward thinker and a design innovator. His schools and community buildings will serve the needs of communities for decades to come. In the last 25 years, Paul Bunton has become known for his futuristic and innovative designs.  When designing a structure, Paul Bunton understands that being able to anticipate the future needs of the community and organization will save everyone time and money in the future.


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