Paul Bunton on Educational and Community Based Architectural Development

Paul Bunton is an education and community based architectural development expert. He has been in the architecture business for over 25 years and is known throughout the industry as a leader in the field of innovative and eco-friendly designs. Paul Bunton’s concentrations over the last 25 years have been on developing schools that are practical, sustainable and inspirational. Paul Bunton also creates many community living centers that include hospice and daycare facilities.

When it comes to designing schools, Paul Bunton is at the top of the field. His designs combine technology and open space and give students the ability to interact more closely with their teachers and peers. Paul Bunton works closely with public school boards, universities, and private schools to develop revitalized learning spaces. Paul Bunton is always attentive to the details of his design and is known for putting in inspiring features such as rooftop terraces or water features. He is always aware of providing a space where student can meet and relax between classes. Paul Bunton understands that it is about more than education – it is also about creating a community.

Paul Bunton uses this same level of attention to detail when creating community based projects. When designing a recreational facility, Paul Bunton is sure to include a gathering area like a snack bar. It is important to create a community where people can feel supported by each other. Paul Bunton is always adding touches that will make the facility more environmentally friendly. In the case of the recreational facility, Paul Bunton used a lot of natural light to cut down on lighting and electricity costs.

Paul Bunton is an education and community based architectural development expert who knows how to work with the community. Paul Bunton’s goal has always been to create exceptional buildings for the communities that we live and work in. Based on his many awards, Paul Bunton is doing a wonderful job accomplishing that goal.


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