Design Excellence with Paul Bunton

For the last 25 years, Paul Bunton has been a leader in the education and community based architectural development field. All of Paul Bunton’s designs incorporate practicality, innovation and inspiration. Paul Bunton has won many awards for his designs and for his ability to create eco-friendly structures. Paul Bunton has been responsible for creating schools, community centers and community living centers. All of Paul Bunton’s structures have one thing in common: they are designed with the community in mind.

Before beginning any project, Paul Bunton meets with the client, the local community, and the local planners to make sure that he is doing what is in the best interest of all involved. Paul Bunton is known for his excellence in combining artistic designs with practical space. He is always aware of his client’s needs and budget, and wants to ensure that the clients and community will be happy with the design for years to come.

Paul Bunton’s designs have won awards ranging from excellence in design to architectural recognition. His designs have transformed the landscape of the education system in California. Paul Bunton’s innovative school designs have created learning centers that students are excited to attend. By adding new technology into the designs he has been able to open up the world of education to a new generation who is not served by the traditional classroom setting.

Paul Bunton is an architectural entrepreneur who is known for his innovative designs. With over 25 years at the top of the architecture industry, Paul Bunton has learned how to work with his clients to ensure that they are satisfied with the exceptional buildings that he creates for them. He, along with his team at BCA Architects, is known throughout California as the top of the industry when it comes to design excellence and creativity.


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