Paul Bunton is an Innovator in the World of Architecture

Paul Bunton creates innovated designs for public schools and community living projects. In a world where cookie cutter houses and communities have become commonplace, architect Paul Bunton has been creating innovative and cutting edge designs for the last 25 years. Paul Bunton’s goal when designing a new structure is to make it inspirational, practical and sustainable.

Inspiration for Paul Bunton’s designs quite often comes from the surrounding community or existing structures. This is seen in his design of the plaza at Southwestern College, where he was able to combine the Mayan details of the original buildings with his more modern structure. Paul Bunton is known for putting something special in each of his designs, and the plaza was no different. The additions of a rooftop terrace and water features added an element of inspiration for the college students.

Creating a practical solution to a building problem is something that Paul Bunton excels at. Creating classrooms that incorporate new technology that will last into the future is what Paul Bunton has been doing while designing schools for years. He has created his own version of what the 21st classroom should look like and has been inviting educators and students to come take a look at the future of education.

Sustainability is the cornerstone of Paul Bunton’s designs. From his headquarters in San Jose to the recreation centers bathed in natural light, Paul Bunton strives to create eco-friendly and sustainable spaces. His eco-friendly designs, including his headquarters in San Jose have won awards for being eco-friendly and for his use of reused materials.

Paul Bunton is committed to creating buildings that incorporate inspiration, practicality and sustainability. Just one look at his designs will show his dedication to designing buildings today that will last well into the future. Paul Bunton has won many awards for his designs and for his commitment to creating green structures.


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