Paul Bunton Wins Two AIACC Awards

In the last 15 years, Paul Bunton and his team at BCA Architect have won awards from the American Institute of Architecture twice. The AIA is a professional architecture association that Paul Bunton has been an active participant in for many years. The AIA presents annual awards based on the design and construction of buildings across the United States.

The innovative design and construction of San Mateo High School earned Paul Bunton and his team at BCA Architects the 2004 Award of Merit from AIA. The new building at San Mateo High School replaced an unsafe and undersized space with three new buildings. The buildings were created in the original style of a 1927 Tudor, but with a modern twist. Toward the back of the building, the Tudor details give way to a more modern design. The new 140,000 square feet of educational space is designed to encourage learning and includes many new technology features. Paul Bunton is an expert at combining new technology with a non-traditional classroom setting to encourage active student participation.

In 2010, Paul Bunton earned an Award of Excellence for his design of Christopher High School in Gilroy, California. Paul Bunton completed this two-phase project under budget by actively seeking out an additional $15 million dollars in grants and partnerships. This new advanced learning center now is home to over 900 students who are receiving a quality education thanks in part to Paul Bunton. This building also takes the rich farming traditions of the community into account in its design.

Each of these new and award winning high schools were designed by Paul Bunton, and show the future of education while paying homage to the history of the area. Paul Bunton is an award winning architect who knows how to combine modern education and technology with historical touches, to creative innovative learning centers.


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