Going Green with Paul Bunton

Paul Bunton is an expert at creating eco-friendly and sustainable buildings. His headquarters building in San Jose, California is a perfect example of his commitment to building sustainable and eco-friendly structures. Paul Bunton is committed to developing structures that are innovative and beautiful, but that are also built using existing materials whenever possible. Paul Bunton offers his clients many different options when creating a sustainable and eco-friendly building. Among these are using existing structures and cutting energy costs by installing solar or wind power technologies.

The BCA Architects headquarters building in San Jose is a perfect example of Paul Bunton’s commitment to reusing existing structures and materials. When designing BCA Architects’ headquarters, Paul Bunton wanted to create an energy efficient and sustainable design that used much of the existing structure. Paul Bunton was able to incorporate 84 percent of the existing building into the new structure, while using many of the timber trusses and skylights that were in the original building. For his efforts Paul Bunton was awarded the 2011 Green Project of the Year Award.

When installing solar or wind power technology, Paul Bunton is careful to research any local regulations and help the client to navigate the many state and federal funding programs and grants that are available. Using the sun or wind to power a home or business will greatly reduce your dependence on electricity, and thereby reduce the cost of maintaining the facility. Paul Bunton is committed to taking care of our environment by creating structures that are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Paul Bunton and his team at BCA Architects continue to show their commitment to the environment by reusing and repurposing old buildings and materials while utilizing solar and wind technology to cut energy costs. The commitment to creating eco-friendly structures is evident in the schools and community living projects that Paul Bunton and his team at BCA Architects are known for designing throughout California.


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