How Paul Bunton Lives up to His Mission Statement

Paul Bunton’s mission statement is a commitment to “Partnering with clients to achieve excellence in design.” As a leader in the education and community based architectural development field, Paul Bunton has made a commitment to working with the local school boards, planning committees, city planners and residents when beginning to design a new structure.

When building a new school, Paul Bunton is careful to seek input from the local school board, administrators, parents and students before he designs a building. Knowing what the community needs, what the budget is, and what the building code requirements are assists Paul Bunton in creating his innovative designs. Paul Bunton has been known to assist schools in finding additional funding through grants or community partnerships, in order to complete their projects. In designing his 21st century classroom, Paul Bunton sought the advice of educational professionals, parents and students. Using all of this knowledge, he has come up with a new classroom design. His new design uses modern technology, and a modern alternative to the traditional “desks in a row” classroom layout.

When building a new community center, Paul Bunton knows that it is important to have the input and support of the local community. Without this support, the project may not gain the support of the local city council and planning department. Paul Bunton understands how crucial it is to get the community involved and excited about the new project and design.

Paul Bunton has made a commitment to work closely with his clients. This includes the local students and residents who will be using his facilities. Dedicated to creating connections within communities, Paul Bunton seeks the involvement of the whole community to make his projects successful. Paul Bunton’s mission statement, “Partnering with client’s to achieve excellence in design,” is not just something that he says – it is the way that he conducts business.


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