Community Living Projects with Paul Bunton and BCA Architects

In addition to creating spaces where churches and medical staff can attend to patrons and patients, Paul Bunton has also created many other community based architectural developments. Paul Bunton is responsible for the creative and practical designs of the Kids Korner Daycare Center and the Shasta Lake Gymnasium. These designs were created specifically to blend in with their surrounding areas, and to give the children and residents a creative place to spend their time.

The Kids Korner Daycare Center is a bright, open space for children in Mountain View, California. This 10,500 square-foot space, designed by Paul Bunton, has a large interior courtyard area for the children to play, far from the noise of traffic. The daycare facility has separate areas for infant care and for its conference room. When designing this facility, Paul Bunton made careful use of the one-acre site. He was able to include an area for a staff workroom and kitchenette. The entrance to the center is where the administrative offices have been located. Paul Bunton designed this facility with the practicality of a school in mind, as well as the safety measures that are needed when caring for young children.

The Shasta Lake Gymnasium is located in the Town of Shasta Lake. This Paul Bunton design was created to be used as a supplemental recreation facility for the local middle school. This 25,000 square-foot facility has several classrooms and a music department that is used by the middle school. Providing adequate space for children to learn is an important part of Paul Bunton’s designs. With tons of natural lighting, this facility is open to the local residents as well as the middle school students. Paul Bunton’s design includes both a full gymnasium and a snack bar.


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