Paul Bunton is an Experienced Architecture Professional

Paul Bunton is an experienced architectural professional in the San Jose, California area. With over 25 years of experience, Paul Bunton is a leader in the development and implementation of innovative and eco-friendly schools and community living projects. Paul Bunton, and his team at BCA Architects, strive to create practical and inspirational buildings that will encourage learning and a higher quality of life for the community.

Paul Bunton has been responsible for the design and development of over 60 public schools in California. He also works with universities and private schools. Paul Bunton’s design ideas for schools combine advanced technology, including LED touch screen TVs and interactive white boards, with non-traditional classroom settings. This combination of technology and communication encourages student to participate more in the classroom.

Paul Bunton also designs many community living communities. He has been responsible for the design and construction of Hospice in Napa Valley and the Alder Villas Townhouses.  The Alder Villas Townhouses won the Residential Design Award of the Year in 2004. This community, created by Paul Bunton, is a 27-unit luxury townhouse community located in Fremont, California. This community is made up of two and three story townhouses, surrounding a park. Designing buildings and communities that combine practicality and beauty is what Paul Bunton is known for in the industry. Creating a sustainable community that also includes inspirational touches, like the park in the center of Alder Villa Townhouses, is how Paul Bunton has become a leader in the industry.

Paul Bunton has over 25 years of experience in designing schools and community living spaces. During this time, Paul Bunton has become the leader in the education and community based architectural development field. When it comes to combining technology, sustainability and beauty, Paul Bunton and his team at BCA Architects are the leaders in the industry.


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