Paul Bunton on Succeeding in the Architecture Industry

Paul Bunton has been a leader in the industry of architecture for the past 25 years. The founder and president of BCA Architects, Paul Bunton has focused on building in the education and community sectors. As a highly successful architect, Paul Bunton knows what it takes to succeed in the architecture industry. With these tips from Paul Bunton, you too can begin your successful architecture career.

Use New Technology

One area in which Paul Bunton has succeeded is using new technology in his architectural designs. Paul Bunton and BCA Architects recently revealed their 21st century classroom, a model classroom that utilizes advanced technology such as an interactive projector and white board and an LED touch screen TV. By using new technology, your architectural designs are ready for the future.

Go Green

Another aspect of architecture that Paul Bunton has focused on is going green. Paul Bunton and BCA Architects recently received an award for the Green Project of the Year from San Jose Business Journal. Creating green designs is another way to bring your architectural business into the future and ensure your continued success.

Excel in Design

Last but not least, Paul Bunton states that to succeed in the world of architecture, you must of course excel in design. Paul Bunton has won many awards for his designs, which have given him a reputation for excellence and allowed his career to continue expanding. By excelling in design and receiving awards, you too can succeed in the architecture industry and consistently attract new clients.


Why Paul Bunton Believes Technology is the Future of Education

Owner of BCA Architects, Paul Bunton has spent the past 25 years working with educational institutions. Paul Bunton has built more than 60 public school systems in California, bringing updated classrooms with new technology to students. In fact, Paul Bunton recently revealed BCA Architects’ 21st century classroom, a classroom that incorporates advanced technology to help students learn better and succeed. Paul Bunton believes that technology is the future of education because it levels the playing field amongst students and drives them toward success.

Meeting the Needs of All Students

The first reason why Paul Bunton believes that technology is key to the future of education is because it helps schools meet the needs of all students. Paul Bunton knows that for many students, learning is more difficult due to special needs or learning disabilities. With technology in the classroom, students are able to compete on a more level playing field and have constant access to the assistance that they need.

Improving Learning Skills

In addition, Paul Bunton stresses that advanced technology helps improve learning skills. With technology, students are better able to develop problem-solving and communication skills. This enables young students to prepare themselves for not only college but also their future in the workforce.

Making Schools More Efficient

Finally, Paul Bunton asserts that advanced technology makes schools run better. With the technology that Paul Bunton implements, schools are able to better see how their students are achieving and find solutions that work to help them improve and succeed in all areas.

Paul Bunton, an Eye Toward the Future

Paul Bunton is an education and community based architectural professional who is always looking toward the future. When designing his buildings, Paul Bunton always looks to incorporate sustainable materials wherever he can. Understanding the needs of the community and the environment is a balancing act that Paul Bunton has become very skilled at in his 25 years in the architecture industry.

Paul Bunton is an expert at anticipating the future needs of his clients and building those needs into his designs. When he designs a school, he makes sure that there is room for more students as the surrounding community grows. Adaptability is one of the design features that Paul Bunton builds into his structures. Paul Bunton is forward thinking when it comes to creating schools. In acknowledgment of how quickly technology is moving, Paul Bunton’s new schools are prewired for the latest in electronics, including internet connectivity. Providing students with an educational system that they can relate to will keep them interested in school.

When designing structures for the community, Paul Bunton is always thinking about the future needs of the community. Paul Bunton enjoys the partnership between his firm and his clients. He needs to get as much information as possible about the organization or community before he begins his design. With populations growing so quickly, it is important to design with an eye toward the future, and not for just the immediate needs of the community.

Paul Bunton is a forward thinker and a design innovator. His schools and community buildings will serve the needs of communities for decades to come. In the last 25 years, Paul Bunton has become known for his futuristic and innovative designs.  When designing a structure, Paul Bunton understands that being able to anticipate the future needs of the community and organization will save everyone time and money in the future.

Paul Bunton on Educational and Community Based Architectural Development

Paul Bunton is an education and community based architectural development expert. He has been in the architecture business for over 25 years and is known throughout the industry as a leader in the field of innovative and eco-friendly designs. Paul Bunton’s concentrations over the last 25 years have been on developing schools that are practical, sustainable and inspirational. Paul Bunton also creates many community living centers that include hospice and daycare facilities.

When it comes to designing schools, Paul Bunton is at the top of the field. His designs combine technology and open space and give students the ability to interact more closely with their teachers and peers. Paul Bunton works closely with public school boards, universities, and private schools to develop revitalized learning spaces. Paul Bunton is always attentive to the details of his design and is known for putting in inspiring features such as rooftop terraces or water features. He is always aware of providing a space where student can meet and relax between classes. Paul Bunton understands that it is about more than education – it is also about creating a community.

Paul Bunton uses this same level of attention to detail when creating community based projects. When designing a recreational facility, Paul Bunton is sure to include a gathering area like a snack bar. It is important to create a community where people can feel supported by each other. Paul Bunton is always adding touches that will make the facility more environmentally friendly. In the case of the recreational facility, Paul Bunton used a lot of natural light to cut down on lighting and electricity costs.

Paul Bunton is an education and community based architectural development expert who knows how to work with the community. Paul Bunton’s goal has always been to create exceptional buildings for the communities that we live and work in. Based on his many awards, Paul Bunton is doing a wonderful job accomplishing that goal.

Design Excellence with Paul Bunton

For the last 25 years, Paul Bunton has been a leader in the education and community based architectural development field. All of Paul Bunton’s designs incorporate practicality, innovation and inspiration. Paul Bunton has won many awards for his designs and for his ability to create eco-friendly structures. Paul Bunton has been responsible for creating schools, community centers and community living centers. All of Paul Bunton’s structures have one thing in common: they are designed with the community in mind.

Before beginning any project, Paul Bunton meets with the client, the local community, and the local planners to make sure that he is doing what is in the best interest of all involved. Paul Bunton is known for his excellence in combining artistic designs with practical space. He is always aware of his client’s needs and budget, and wants to ensure that the clients and community will be happy with the design for years to come.

Paul Bunton’s designs have won awards ranging from excellence in design to architectural recognition. His designs have transformed the landscape of the education system in California. Paul Bunton’s innovative school designs have created learning centers that students are excited to attend. By adding new technology into the designs he has been able to open up the world of education to a new generation who is not served by the traditional classroom setting.

Paul Bunton is an architectural entrepreneur who is known for his innovative designs. With over 25 years at the top of the architecture industry, Paul Bunton has learned how to work with his clients to ensure that they are satisfied with the exceptional buildings that he creates for them. He, along with his team at BCA Architects, is known throughout California as the top of the industry when it comes to design excellence and creativity.

What Make One of Paul Bunton’s 21st Century Classrooms?

Paul Bunton believes in giving students the best possible environment in which to learn. This is why he has created his vision of a 21st century classroom. Paul Bunton and his team at BCA Architects have created a prototype of this classroom at his headquarters in San Jose, California. This classroom has a technologically advanced and non-traditional design that encourages students to be active participants in their education.

Technologically advanced classrooms include things like interactive tablets that students can use to read textbooks or do research. Many of the visions that Paul Bunton has for education involve technology like interactive projectors, LED touch screen TVs, and interactive projectors. The teacher may use an interactive white board that can pull directly from the students’ personal tablets. Students can also download the information on the whiteboard directly to their tablets. Many classrooms around the country are already implementing many of Paul Bunton’s designs into their schools. Because students are already so technologically advanced, Paul Bunton believes that we should use that to encourage the curiosity of high school students.

Classrooms following Paul Bunton’s 21st century designs do not include the traditional desk layout. The layout is more open, allowing the student to work together and collaborate on projects. This also gives the instructor a clear view of each student. There is no more hiding behind the person in front of you. Students are encouraged to participate and talk through ideas until the group has a clear understanding of the new information that is being taught.

Paul Bunton’s vision of the 21st century classroom includes more technology and more interaction between the student and the teacher. The strength of our education system is important to Paul Bunton. This is why he has spent much of the last 25 years designing and building innovative and creative learning centers all over California.

Paul Bunton is an Innovator in the World of Architecture

Paul Bunton creates innovated designs for public schools and community living projects. In a world where cookie cutter houses and communities have become commonplace, architect Paul Bunton has been creating innovative and cutting edge designs for the last 25 years. Paul Bunton’s goal when designing a new structure is to make it inspirational, practical and sustainable.

Inspiration for Paul Bunton’s designs quite often comes from the surrounding community or existing structures. This is seen in his design of the plaza at Southwestern College, where he was able to combine the Mayan details of the original buildings with his more modern structure. Paul Bunton is known for putting something special in each of his designs, and the plaza was no different. The additions of a rooftop terrace and water features added an element of inspiration for the college students.

Creating a practical solution to a building problem is something that Paul Bunton excels at. Creating classrooms that incorporate new technology that will last into the future is what Paul Bunton has been doing while designing schools for years. He has created his own version of what the 21st classroom should look like and has been inviting educators and students to come take a look at the future of education.

Sustainability is the cornerstone of Paul Bunton’s designs. From his headquarters in San Jose to the recreation centers bathed in natural light, Paul Bunton strives to create eco-friendly and sustainable spaces. His eco-friendly designs, including his headquarters in San Jose have won awards for being eco-friendly and for his use of reused materials.

Paul Bunton is committed to creating buildings that incorporate inspiration, practicality and sustainability. Just one look at his designs will show his dedication to designing buildings today that will last well into the future. Paul Bunton has won many awards for his designs and for his commitment to creating green structures.